Transformative Yoga Retreats and Courses


Chema Vilchez, with 30 years of experience as a yoga teacher offers differents yoga courses and retreats around the world.


- Yoga for  performing arts professionals: musicians, dancers, actors, artists, etc..

- Yogatherapy. Healing through Yoga psychophysics. Recover original vital energy, eliminate stress, tension and negative energy.

- Yoga, art and creativity. Develops the creative potential from a transpersonal consciousness.


The courses offer you a depth and intensive study of breathing techniques (pranayama), postures (asanas), deep relaxation (yoga nidra), meditation and other techniques.

These courses are available on multilple formats, weekend retreats, yogic holiday, etc..

Write to Chema to participate in these courses, or if you want to develop them in your center.




Yoga is a science of the body and mind that has thousands of years. It was originated in India and has been considered as the world’s first psychology. Today it represents a complete way of life based on positive thoughts, proper exercise, proper nutrition, and a bunch of techniques aimed to find inner peace and a better harmonious life.

Its therapeutic efficiency has been demonstrated over the past decades, which has spread in Occident. Yoga is one of the most effective therapies to combat many of the physical and psychosomatic diseases facing humans. In fact it is recommended by  many doctors and today millions of people practice Yoga.

Yoga, as most of the Oriental disciplines , seeks the integration of body and mind in order to live, feel and act in harmony. But above all, Yoga is a way to find yourself and inner peace. It is an answer to our and the world’s problems .

The real revolution is inside. With your own transformation you change the world. There is no other recipe. Philosophy, politics, religion, all of them loses their real value without going through a real transformation.

The well-worked and studied Yoga is a direct experience of the  self-transformation. With a proper and constant practice, every day becomes a direct step towards happiness.

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