Chema Vílchez

Chema Vílchez is the founder, composer and artist director of Yoga Music Experience project

Graduated with honors from the Musicians Institute of Los Angeles, California, E.E.U.U. Specialties in modern harmony, arranging and composition, classical guitar, flamenco and electric guitar. Yoga teacher by the Sivananda  Yoga para la Paz Foundation.

- COLLABORATIONS: Orquesta Nacional de Jazz de España, Richard Bona, Curro Piñana, Jeff Ballard, Frank O´Shea, Dominique di Piazza, Eric Marienthal, Alex Acuña, Alphonso Johnson, Chad Wackerman, Andrea Marcelli, Gary Willis, Steve Hunt, Mitchel Forman, John Beasley, Steve Tavaglione, Walt Fowler, Jimmy Earl, Marlon Mehr, Hartmut Zeller, Giorgio di Tullio, Piero Orsini, Lorenzo Definti, Daniele Comoglio, Bob Sands, Dave Weckl, John Patitucci, John Stowell, Dave Carpenter, Ramiro Calle, Miguel Rios, José el Francés, Michael Baldry, José Luis Garrido and many more.

- INTERVIEWS: El País, El Mundo, Diario 16, Guitar Player, Guitarra Total, Guitarrista, GuitBass, Todas Las Novedades, World Music, Nuevas Músicas, Más Jazz, Voice, Alerta, La Prensa, Radio Exterior de España, Radio 3, Sinfo Radio, Onda Cero, RAI, Cadena Ser, Onda Madrid, Radio Círculo de Bellas Artes, Radio Aragón, DialLatino, Antena 3, Tele 5, TVE 2,…

- TOURS: Europe, Asia and USA.

- SOLO DISCOGRAPHY: El Sueño del Navegante (The Dream of the Navigator), 1995. La Naturaleza Sagrada de la Vida (The Sacred Nature of Life), 2000. Contemporary Visions-Jazz Standars, 2001. Las Siete Revelaciones del Silencio (The 7 Revelations of Silence), 2001. Música para la Relajación y el Sosiego (Music for Relaxation and Quietness), 2002. El Faquir  (The Fakir) 2005. Land of the Three Cultures ( 2011) Unity - Yoga Music Experience (2013)

- BOOKS: El Sueño del Navegante y otros Poemas (The Dream of the Navigator ) 1995. Yoga Renacer a la Vida (Yoga, Reborn to Life), 2006

Raquel Molina

She is one of the best young singers in Spain and a highly gifted composer. Raquel began her musical career with the band Ropavieja, offering different styles of music, jazz, blues, bossa nova and flamenco. She also plays percussions. As  a composer she wrote  many songs and participated in numerous events, both public and private. At the same times she works in various flamenco projects, specially Raquel Molina & Javier Prieto and Aires de Jerez, with numerous performances in Spain.

In 2009 she acts as an interpreter, dancer and singer in the cabaret in Laydown Madrid.

In recent years, she  worked as  a studio session vocalist for documentaries, and video productions.

She also teaches singing and breathing techniques.

Currently she is singing in several groups of flamenco, jazz and rock, as well as in the project Yoga Music Experience with the Chema Vilchez Band.

Jorge Santana

He began studying classical piano and music theory for later specializing in drums and percussion of the hand of Luis Carlos Abela and Carli, two extraordinary musicians and teachers. His  qualification  encompasses classic and modern jazz, fusion flamenco, pop, progressive rock and metal that enables him to play in various groups of different style. He has worked with many national artists including Miguel Draco Tena (son of Manolo Tena), with whom he has recently recorded an album and shared the stage at the Teatro Haagen Dazs, and jazz singer Cecilia Krull, with whom  he played at the Jazz Festival San Juan Evangelista and the Central Café repeatedly.


He currently plays for several musical projects with high-level musicians, as “El Sombrero del Abuelo”, “Hotel Paris”, “Yoga Music Experience” with guitarist Chema Vilchez, “Captain T-Bone band” led by trombonist Ove Larsson, “Old Friends”, renowned jazz band in Madrid, and “Funkomatic” personal project alongside Javier Santana and Leonardo Giubergia.

Sonia Sampayo

She started classical dance at the age of 7, later combining her studies with modernjazz. Her degree she obtained from the “Royal Academy of Dancing” (RAD) and the “Imperial Society of Teachers of London” (ISTL).

In 1997, she was graduated in biology (University of Madrid) and conducted studies of “Anatomy and Biomechanics applied to the Dance” (University of Alcalá de Henares) and quiromassage. Since 1996, she studied several styles of contemporary dance and participated as a dancer in some dance groups. At the same time, she took training in Indian classical dance (Kathak, Bharata Natyam and Odissi-), belly dancing and African dance.

Currently, she is a member of the dance companies and groups: “Surur”, “Moon of East”, “Ndiajaas”, “Iabás”, “Oriental Sound” and collaborates with the Foundation “Drums Livika Experience” and the jazz- ethnic “Black Market”. She is  assistant coordinator of the group stage and collaborator “Phoenicia” Cristiane Azem. She also works as a freelance dancer. She leads the group of African dance and music “Dikatt” alongside percussionist Pape Ndiaye, with two shows: “Reunion”, 2006 and “Karácter”, 2011.

Sonia develops his work as a teacher of dance and body techniques and gives national and international workshops (Spain, Switzerland, Iceland, Senegal) . She  explores and develops a method of teaching and research of African dance and oriental energetic perspective of the body and the integration of tradition and modern dance techniques. Sonia also teaches Corporal Rebalancing and Emotional Health, within the TRCD method.

She has published three books, as a result of her investigation of the body work in dance: “Dance to lose weight and have fun,” LIBSA-”Stretching and body awareness”, FASD, as well as cultural exchange of experiences in Senegal: “Princess of Africa “, PLANET. She is the protagonist in the documentary film “Princess of Africa”, by Juan Laguna.

Javier Santana

He started playing the bass at the age of 14 after studying for four years classical piano and music theory.  He  was mainly self-taught with the guide of his father Quique Santana, professional bass player. He participed at the II International Jazz Workshop  in Zarautz with bass player Gonzalo Tejada and the fifth edition of the seminar with Carles Benavent advanced degree. He studied harmony and improvisation for three years with the guitarist Andrés Olaegui.

Javier has been involved in several music projects, ranging from pop, rock and metal to classical and modern jazz, bossa and flamenco fusion, which has allowed him to share the stage with artists such as “Baby”, performing in several theatres of the peninsula, the jazz singer Cecilia Krull with whom he has performed in theatres in Madrid.  Withthe Andalusian rock group “Guadalquivir” he has performed at many festivals throughout Andalusia and with the “Old Friends” jazz-blues group he has acted at festivals and venues such as the Café Central and the flamenco fusion group “Combolinga” among others.

Currently he is involved in “Yuri Gagarin Trio” with Basil and Marti Anye Bao, musicians Antonio Vega, “Andrés Olaegui Quartet” jazz-flamenco group, “Funkomatic” personal project of funk-disco shared with Leonardo Giubergia and his brother Jorge Santana, “El Tío Calambres” with Javier Rojas (Superskunk, Bebe) and “Yoga Music Experience” with guitarist Chema Vilchez.

Moisés Sánchez

Pianista, arreglista y compositor, la vida de Moisés P. Sánchez ha estado desde el principio impregnada de música, gracias al ambiente que sus padres procuraron desde el principio. A los tres años empezó a tocar el piano y a conocer los entresijos de la armonía y el solfeo de mano de su padre, el cual le abasteció de una gran cultura musical abarcando prácticamente todos los tipos, estilos e influencias existentes. Realmente esta peculiar manera de conocer y estudiar la música ha desembocado en un estilo único y particular en la manera de concebir el instrumento y la música en sí, pudiendo adoptar un punto de vista muy amplio respecto a la improvisación, los arreglos, la armonía o la composición.

Ha tocado y grabado con un amplio abanico de músicos como Nach, Plácido Domingo, Benny Golson, Jorge Pardo, Ara Malikian, Fernando Egozcue, Javier Paxariño, Chema Vílchez, Serranito, Larry Martin Band, Carmen París, Yoio Cuesta y un largo etc. También ha asistido a clases y cursos con grandes músicos como Pat Metheny, Jean-Michel Pilc, John Taylor o Joaquín Achúcarro.

Como líder en solitario tiene tres discos, el más reciente “Ritual”, lanzado en octubre de 2012 en formato de trío. Su dos discos anteriores son “Adam the Carpenter” (Sello Autor, 2007) y Dedication (Universal Music Spain/Magna Records, 2010).

Chema Vilchez

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