UNITY - Yoga Music Experience

 Chema Vílchez Band



Yoga Music Experience is a music project created with an essential intention, to invite you to live an intense, emotional experience, to develop a state of deep peace immersing you in a world of positive energy.

You will find a universe of sound, full of beautiful melodies and songs, rhythms and dances immersed in a multicultural context: World Music, Rock, Jazz, Ambient, Progressive meet the color and sonority of the far orient, yoga and its philosophy.


Disconnect from the routine, crisis, conflict and connect with the power of now. Live with us a different experience, your own inner journey through music.



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Now you can get UNITY on Itunes and other digital platforms

Thanks to ours sponsors


We want to take the chance to thank our amazing sponsors over the last years. We've been fortunate to have some great companies on board and are humbled for their early support of what we're creating with Yoga Music Experience.


Thanks to Letusa, Gaplasa, Ibanez, D'Addario, Tama, Bose Audio and Fishman.

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